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Gorleston Rangers FC 2019 Christmas Raffle

2019 Christmas Raffle

Gorleston Rangers FC would like to thank Jill and David for once again allowing us to host our Christmas Raffle at the Keville Arms. The Club would like to thank Club treasurer Sheila Read and her husband Jamie for folding up the majority of the tickets and assisting with purchasing many of the prizes. Thanks to Mark and Luke Daniels, Andy and Bea Bell for their assistance on the evening to ensure that the raffle went smoothly.

Also, thanks to the local businesses that donated prizes to this year’s event.               
AJ Hurum, Grooming Lounge Turkish Barbers on Magdalen Way, Gorleston

Once again the raffle was superbly supported by players, parents, friends and associates with this year’s ticket sales amounting to £5,233.

The top seller in the ticket club this year was Matthew Clarke £203.

Please find the details of the 105 prize winners below. The prizes are currently being distributed by the team managers.

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Any Lioness out there come play football and have fun

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Come play Football and have fun

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Gorleston Rangers 2017 Christmas Raffle

  1st Prize winner Ian Cleny with his work collegues 

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2nd Prize winner Wendy with her prize

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3rd prize winner Andy Salton receiving his prize from Joel Ferreira 

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We are pleased to confirm that this year's raffle takings were a record £5,307.50. The Club would like to thank committee members, managers, players, parents, friends and associates for their support. Special thanks to J G Plummers & Associates and Specsavers, Great Yarmouth for their generous donations. The profit made on this year's raffle will go a long way towards funding the cost of the Club's end of season trophies which will be presented at the Ocean Room in May 2018. More details on presentation night will be made available closer to the date. The Club would like to go on record and thank Sheila and Jamie for recording the takings and folding the tickets. Also, thanks to Sheila and Jamie, Mark Daniels, Andy and Bea Bell for their assistance on the night.

The top ten team sellers of raffle tickets in order are as follows:
U11 Hawks - manager Joel Ferreira
U9 Ospreys - manager Paul Blissett
U12 Hawks - manager Chrissy Dunne
U11 Falcons - manager Chrissy Dunne
U9 Eagles - manager Darren Nixon
Mini hoops - manager Chris Dunne
U15 Ospreys - manager Steve Smith
U12 Golden Eagles - manager Simon Ribbons
U9 Kestrels - manager Sam Jones
U12 Falcons - manager Paul Rogers
As previously agreed the winners Joel Ferreira's under 11 hawks have won the ten NIKE training balls to use for their team training

The top three Christmas raffle ticket sellers this year were:
Jack F £317.50
Tommy W £210
Isabel P £120

Prize list 

Prize  Funding Ticket  No.   Team            Name
1  PS4 club funded 4298  U11 Hawks Ian Cleny
2  TV club funded 1211  U11 Hawks Wendy
3 £100   JG Plummer   4007  U11 Hawks Andy Salton
4 No 7 Gift set club funded  5530  U11 Hawks Folon
5 1 litre  gin club funded 18655 U12 Gold eagles Niel Leigh
6 1 litre  bacardi club funded 14174 U14 Kestrels Evans
7 1 litre vodka club funded 17454 U11 Ospreys Angela
8 boxed Glenmorange club funded 4075  U11 Hawks Dean Durrell
9 1 70cl disarano club funded 14397 U9 Falcons S Prue
10 1 70cl tia maria club funded 17658 U11 Hawks C Leese
11 1  san miguel glass gift set club funded 8978 U12 Hawks Simera
12 1  hobgoblin beer gift set club funded 8714 U11 Hawks M. Adwters
13 1 toy car club funded 3724 U12 Girls K Powell
14 1 Rc toy helicopter club funded 9432 U9 Ospreys  M. Loke
15 1 rc boat club funded 181418 U12 Falcons Martin
16 1 junior cluedo club funded 12767 U13 Hawks Connor
17 1 junior monopoly club funded 19815 U9 Eagles Jamie. W
18 1 selection of preserves club funded 19920 U7 Eagles Megan Molly
19 1 tin caravan with biscuits club funded 9295 U10 Eagles Mike Whelan
20 Stella Artois Cidr club funded 12798 U7 Eagles Sergio
21 Stella Artois beer 12 bottles club funded 15007 Sat School Pete F
22 Magners irish cider  10 cans club funded 7473 U11 Harriers Sally Perky
23 Strongbow dark fruit   cans club funded 4158 U11 Hawks Kev Black
24 Becks beer 12 bottles club funded 13030 U13 Girls David Marley
25 Boddingtons draught  cans club funded 11029 Mini Hoops Tanya Dewes
26 Spec savers voucher £125.00   specsavers  12244 U11 Hawks C.Woodham
27 Jack wallis weekend bag Mini hoops group 2 15070 Ladies Andy Adam
28 Bottle Candian Club (Sheila) Sheila R 1906 U9 Ospreys  Debs
29 Bud Light  case with 10 cans Jordan R 11059 Mini Hoops Anne Reis
30 Jack Willis Rucksack Mini hoops group 1 172 Ladies Emma
31 Ted Baker gift set Girls Friday group 6165 U13 Girls Lee Shore
32 Hot Chocolate Gift set U7 Kestrels 6221 U13 Girls Hazel B
33 Ted Baker Gift set U7 Eagles 12845 U15 Falcon Lidia
34 Golfers arms £10 voucher + ball U7 Falcons 7970 A Squires
35 Yankee candle gift box U8 Kestrels 7096 U12 Hawks A Pollard
36 Lindor Chocolate ball U8 Eagles (U9Hawks) 13701 U8 Falcons Kelvin
37 £20  Tesco gift voucher U8 Osprey 12525 U11 Girls D & D Hall
38 Harding  & bayliss  gift set U9 Eagles 13195 U15 Falcons Graham H
39 Party poker set U9 Kestrels 14394 U9 Falcons S Hubbard
40 Combustible engine U9 Ospreys 1296 U12 Falcons Harvey
41 Spiderman Acitvity Tin U9 Falcons 9779 U10 Eagles Mike Whelan
42 Sweet Temptations  gift set U9 Falcons 7677 U8 Falcons Shane S
43 Photo / Body Butter U10 Eagles 1321 U9 Kestrels Wayne Toothey
44 Ted Baker gift set Under 11 falcons 3086 U7 Eagles Adam Coles
45 Jewellry stand U11 Hawks 15874 U14 Eagles Sharon P
46 Wine Glass U11 Hawks 9772 U10 Eagles Mike Whelan
47 Scented Soap U11 Hawks 688 Friday school T Rees
48 M & S port boxed U11 Harriers 18446 U12 Falcons Martin
49 Along Came Betty Beauty set U11 Ospreys 3050 U11 Hawks R Lewis
50 Mugler alien gift set Under 12 Hawks 18771 U8 Eagles Dan Beech
51 Yankee candle gift box Under 12 Hawks 11379 U9 Eagles I Peachy
52 £25 voucher Home style U12 Golden Eagles 5623 U11 Hawks Elaine
53 1 case Budweiser U12 Eagles 13674 U8 Falcons Steve W
54 4 x world lagers  U12 Falcons 7904 U9 Falcons R. Hughes
55 l'Oreal Beauty set U12 Falcons 11105 Gill Adamson
56 Mateus rose wine & Causeway Coast   U12 Girls 11705 U9 Kestrels Jamie M
57 £20 next gift card U13 Hawks 5638 U11 Hawks Nikik
59 Stella Artois beer& bottle Merlot wines U13 Falcons 1858 U8 Ospreys P. Fuller
60  Creative Comforts Bomb cosmetics set U13 Girls 8940 Mini Hoops Dennis
61 Famous Grouse U14 Kestrels 17866 U12 Eagles J Thrower
62 Vodka & christmas pudding U14 Eagles 14188 U13 Girls Lee Rose
63 Tub Quality Street U15 Falcons 12873 U13 Falcons Graham H
64 Box Fox's Fabulously U15 Falcons 18654 U12 Gold eagles Neil Leighton
65 Biscuits for Cheese U15 Falcons 10867 U15 Ospreys A Mills
66 Wooden puzzle U15 Eagles 16595 U7 Kestrels Cathy McMenn
67 Bottle FCUK (U16) U16 eagles 13170 U13 Girls Sam Ketts
68 Bottle Joop ( Ladies ) Ladies 4344 U11 Hawks Tony Paighton
69 Koppersberg 113344 Nico
70 Ralph Lauren Candles U10 Eagles 9281 U9 Ospreys  Tim Trueman
71 Champagne 18428 U12 Falcons Martyn
72 Box Dairy Milk 10395 Paul Blisset

Norwich teams put together mini tournment in Costessey

Gorleston Rangers U9 Falcons (aka U8 Eagles) travelled to Costessey to play a mini tournament orginized by the managers of GRFC, Costessy, Old Catton and Holt  U9 Falcon Away

The teams involved will be having a return fixture at Gorleston in the summer 

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