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Pakefield C V GRFC U12A

Match report by "mitchel98"

What is Sunday night TV all about?!?!?!?!? Dancing on ice? Antiques Roadshow? Countryfile but you have to hand it too BBC 2.….SKI SUNDAY!!!

Anyway I digress, this weekend we played Pakefield C away at Walmer Road in our first league game since 21st November 2010, as we have been competing heavily in the Ipswich open cup and reaching the final last weekend of the League Cup, we have 3 games in hand on the current league leaders Waveney A. We were required to be at the ground slightly earlier than normal due to someone being superstitious!?! So we start to arrive at 11.30am for a 12.15pm kick off in a now familiar AC Milan away kit.

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Bungay A V GRFC u12a

Bungay A V GRFC u12a Cup Semi Final January 23rd

Match report by "mitchel98"

Well its that time in the evening when Phillip Scholfield and Holly Willoughby are on TV so its time for me to write the report.....Honest I do not watch it, it is always on in the background when Im getting the school things and ironing ready for that hectic Monday morning!!! (that ones for you Gary Ingram we know don't we!)

This weekend was going to be another test of character as we are away to Bunday A, who we have never beaten in the League Cup Semi Final....one step closer to another final appearance...what would be the outcome?????

I am not a superstitious person (I think?) but I was going to take my new Nikon for full time pictures but last time I took it the boys lost!, Another superstitious person was missing today.....any guesses.....he was in close contact all match via the phone...................

After an excellent training session on Saturday morning the boys looked really up for the challenge and an opportunity to play in another Final. With some new and improved training routines being worked out it looked as though Fabio has got the hang of this managing lark!

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GRFC U12a v Blundeston magpies 16-1-2011

Match report by "mitchel98"

Firsty, it was nice to be back and seeing some amazing new Christmas presents which were on show.................the ladies - new coats, knee high leather boots, designer flask and some Russian hats! Now over to the men - nothing really as we spend all our money on the women!......the only new items I saw was from Fabio (it had to be him!) Father Christmas thought you had been good and bought you a new "enclosed" green clipboard and matching pens and hat! I did see a glimpse of the clipboard and have to say Andy Gray sky sports have nothing on you now..........I cannot reveal everything which was on the clipboard on my first report of 2011 - oh and Delia also had a new FRED PERRY jacket which I can say was original and not a fake, like some of the team said - don't know what they were implying Matt your not a chav!. And over to the team - never seen so many loud and leery coloured football boots...at one point had to double check they were Rangers A boys and not a girls team as I've never seen so many pink boots and gloves on display!

This week we had our League Cup quarter final match against Blundeston Magpies at Lynn Grove with a meeting time of 1.30pm and a kick off time of 2.00pm. Again this week we were not at full strength with Matt missing through illness and Ben G unavailable because "the club is alive" or "one shot" (think about it??? - he was at a JLS concert! And no I am not a fan I asked Emma for the song names HONEST ) but we welcome back Mitch.

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St. Benets Wasps v Gorleston Rangers U9b 16-1-2011

After a long winter break, we finally got the season underway again with a trip to St Benets Wasps. In the first half we tried to get our passing game going but didn’t quite find the space as St Benets worked hard and limited our time on the ball. The game began fairly open and both sides committed to an attacking game, but we finally got the breakthrough midway through the half when Jayden found space and slid the ball past their keeper. Soon after we grabbed a fantastic second goal, as Jayden played a pass over his head, which George controlled and finished superbly with 2 touches. St Benets however continued to come back at us, and after we failed to clear our lines properly they pulled a goal back before the break.

The second half the team responded very well as we began to realise we needed to improve defensively to hold off a persistent St Benets. Logan, Daniel, Harrison and Joe all contributed, and showed great discipline to hold their positions. George and Jayden continued to work tirelessly to provide a point of attack, and Ethan chipped in by being very quick off his line. As the half progressed both sides had chances, but George added another great finish to give us a 2 goal cushion. We unfortunately had a late penalty miss after Harrison had worked so hard to create the chance, but overall the commitment shown by the boys in the second half enabled us to see the game out as a 3-1 win. This week’s MoM goes to Toby who has shown great qualities since joining us only a couple of months ago, and this Sunday won the ball back for us on countless occasions. All round a good start to the year, and great to keep the momentum going.

Gorleston Rangers Raffle 2010

Gorleston Rangers would like to thank all of our players, parents, and suppoters for such a fantastic response to this years christmas raffle.

Raffle sales totalled £3,377.50, considering the current economic climate and the weather during the month prior to the draw, this was an exceptional effort.

The draw took place on Sunday 19th December 2010. The winners were as follows:-

First Prize - Xbox Package
Winner - Lisa Hacon -Ticket no. 00317

Second Prize - 19" LCD TV
Winner - Cody - Ticket no. 05958

Third Prize - £100 cash
Winner - Evelina Stipps - Ticket no.12827

4th 03867 Remote control mud buggy Sarah
5th 06744 Trivial Pursuit P Johnson
6th 01045 Toy Story 3 pack K Battle
7th 00550 VSOP Brandy R Pack
8th 05968 Champagne Cody
9th 13055 Jack Daniels Stan
10th 03031 Champagne T Taylor
11th 01925 Jameson Whisky Mark Webb
12th 04560 Glenfiddich W Mills
13th 10173 Monopoly City Mrs J Mallett
14th 11651 Vodka C Thompson
15th 06978 Baileys D Crane
16th 11481 Baileys Kinza
17th 11375 Disaranno K Taylor
18th 03361 Ferrero Roche K Shaw
19th 07861 Tia Maria Simon Overy
20th 03669 Football DVD Jackie Perry
21st 05664 Lambs Rum Farman
22nd 07249 Mobile phone Shay Williams
23rd 02537 Zanfadel pack L Hanley
24th 00340 JJB voucher Mandy
25th 03543 Argos voucher G Smith
26th 08312 Stella Lee Will
27th 05359 Carlsberg Export Chantelle
28th 07066 Budweiser S Divall
29th 00528 Becks A Clare
30th 09165 Schmirnoff Ice Ewan Griffiths
31st 01185 Shin pads & goalie gloves R Clements
32nd 05542 Carlsberg Export J Cockrill
33rd 00408 Budweiser T Brown
34th 11464 Tetley bitter A Vernon
35th 08695 Speckled Hen J Copland
36th 08131 Strongbow gift pack D Fuller
37th 08253 San Miguel H Farman
38th 05280 San Miguel A Manship
39th 06638 Chelsea calendar & ball P Mordicai
40th 02472 Man Utd calendar & ball A Barnes
41st 08062 Liverpool calendar & ball Val
42nd 09525 Arsenal calendar & ball S Sharkspar
43rd 00523 Ladies gift set O Page
44th 09239 Remote conntol buggy D Roberts
45th 02290 Barbie doll R Driver
46th 07013 Lost game M Smith
47th 04122 Harveys sherry M Wollesley
48th 06476 Pinot Rose Ivan Turner
49th 05219 Pinot White Ben Green
50th 12970 Victoria biscuits L Ashby
51st 08879 Cadburys biscuits Perry
52nd 06541 Shiraz Black 13 Conley
53rd 03103 Scarf Mrs Haylett
54th 04257 Celebrations S Toley
55th 09152 Quality street L Simmons
56th 04902 Scarf Val Long
57th 01934 Celebrations Kerry Webb
58th 04409 Quality street Chris Moore
59th 12947 Cava D Hutchinson
60th 12683 Scarves x 3 C Lockwood
61st 06668 Cava Mrs Sota
62nd 06281 Selection box & football A Sirloin
63rd 03856 Cava K Tubby
64th 03845 Selection box & football L Duffy
65th 03621 Selection box & football Jo c/o Caine


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